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Groove on cue!
The Renaissance of the avant-garde

The Prettyboys find the greatest common denominator in diverse musical styles. They play Norbert Bürger's music, which seamlessly brings different genres together. This music, rich in fantasy and humor, constantly oscilates between composition and improvisation. With great enthusiasm, the nine musicians play an entertaining show full of surprises.

Berthold Brecht or Frank Zappa - were they still with us - would engage the Prettyboys right away.

Norbert Bürger and the Prettyboys are dedicated to the avant-garde (rock'n'roll, of course). The award-winning guitar player and his ensemble create a ground-breaking new sound. These nine musicians are ideal for an audience who want to take part in a soulful musical orgy.

Bürger's arrangements are precise, catchy and structured and matched with the joys that are felt from effortless improvisation. Be it jazz, rock or latin music, the Prettyboys know an answer to everything!

Skipper Norbert Bürger keeps a firm grip on his crew, which at times seems like a wild mob that knows how to groove. Their repertoire is both serious, and foretells the hits of tomorrow. Bürger and his Prettyboys easily weave a raft of bizarre, comic and grotesque moods, on a steeply upward path.

In Bavaria there are no cooler cats representing the German jazz scene than the Pretty Boys.

Prettyboys and Prettysongs!

And here is our share of the world's cultural heritage:
Miri Piri
Shake Baby Shake
Familie Hüpfbold
Kekse (cookies made from humans...), a video by our fan Philipp Nägelsbach - thank you!

If this isn't enough for you, search for the Prettyboys on YouTube.
The following tracks are from our last record "Neues aus Siebenbürgen" (now unfortunately sold out!):

Neues aus Siebenbürgen
Bei Hermann zuhause

You can book us!
This stage plan shows the ideal circumstances for our performance in your club.
In an ideal world, additional lights for sheet music are required
as well as lots and lots of drinks and groupies -
apart from that we are very easy to handle.

The Pretty Boys are
Norbert Bürger – composition, vocals, guitar
Robert Klinger – double bass
Marcus Kron-Hoffmann – drums
Roland H. H. Biswurm – percussion
Robert Bischof – tuba
Gerhard Gschlössl – trombone, sousaphone
Harry Saltzman – saxophone, flute
Robert Alonso – trumpet
Johann Bengen – accordion

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